Acsurea offers a dedicated set of services tailor made to every one of our client's specific needs.  The approach is 100% customer-centric.  We provide our services to different sizes of organisations and extend our reach to the whole of Europe.  We master 6 languages which allow us to blend in culturally at a local level as well.
Operational Management


Our operational management expertise in medium and large enterprises focuses on rightsizing organisations and positioning them for future profit growth. 


We perform senior management roles in our client's organisations and thus create a direct correlation between the client's P&L improvements and our model.


References include a European telecom operator and a global data center operator. In both cases we significantly increased both top line and EBITDA numbers.

Change Agent


Many businesses require a change of their current operational model in order to evolve to the next level. 


We specialise in executing this change in culture via a structured approach with clear milestones.


The governing principle is a customer centric approach, which is reflected in all processes and procedures.


References include a German technology company which we saved from bankruptcy saving 30 jobs.




With tailor made solutions often being one of the cornerstones of successful business excellence, we expanded our area of expertise to focus on corporate streamlining solutions. 

We offer a set of tailor made approaches to unlock the full potential of your business.


References can be presented upon request.  Our main expertise is situated within the telecom and data center industries.