Acsurea has added a new dimension to classical consultancy services since its inception.  We offer a strong result-oriented business model backed by solid references. 

Acsurea was founded more than 10 years ago with the initial aim to fill a void in the market of business consultancy.  We are based in Belgium but we have  also succesfully completed several assigments in Germany and The Netherlands.


Our approach is different, resulte focussed and customer centric.  Whereas most consulting firms specialise in developing theoretical business models and rarely put their findings to the test, we decided to do things differently.  We practice what we preach and implement our ideas with full operational responsibility and subsequent financial accountablily.


The approach is 100% customer centric, with a focus not only on our clients' requirements, but also on the needs of our clients' customers.


Throughout the years we have evolved from a pure operational management and interim management business model to a point where we can also implement tailor made solutions to strenghthen our operational management model.


We built a number of strong references in a variety of industry sectors where we achieved compelling results via our unique approach.  Some examples can be found on the service overview page on our website.

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